Traditional blacksmithing is the ability to shape and form hot metal into a variety of functional and artistic items. Decorative ironwork, sculptural accents, tools, furniture, and knives are just some of the articles that can be made.


Old tech for new decor

Many people are looking for better products than those churned out on an assembly line in a far off country. They want something that they can help design, one of a kind objects that can’t be found anywhere else. Hand made by a blacksmith with art and craft combined.


Tool and knife sharpening and traditional water stone sword polishing services are also available 




Using traditional joinery and modern welding techniques, fabricated items can be installed in your home or business. My many years of experience in residential and commercial construction and mechanical maintenance translates to a job done right, every time. Welding processes include gas, arc, stick, TIG, wire feed, and forge welding.




Handcrafting with power and hand tools for distinctive, unique results.


Shop Tools

Robland X31 combination machine, with table saw, thickness planer, jointer, mortiser, shaper, and router; bandsaw, lathe (wood and metal)